January 19, 2007
C&W introduces new plan for ‘HomeFones’


Cable & Wireless on Wednesday announced the introduction of a new promotional unlimited local calling plan for fixed lines.

The new plan allows residential customers to make unlimited local calls from their homefone to any other fixed line for a flat rate of only $25 per month.{{more}}

Initially, the new plan will be offered for a three month trial period beginning January 19, 2007.

“Customers will enjoy real savings with this new plan. Regardless of the number of calls per month or the length of each call, the customer pays only $25 per month. The new Unlimited local plan demonstrates our commitment to reduce the cost of communication to the consumer” said Daryl Jackson, Chief Executive Cable & Wireless, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

The new Unlimited local calling plan is available to residential fixed line customers. The $25 plan charge is in addition to the monthly line rental.

Customers can sign up for at any Cable and Wireless office or retail store.