Youngsters caring for the environment
January 12, 2007

Youngsters caring for the environment

The children of the Mustique Primary School and Messellia School continue to learn how to care for their environment through their special environmental science class.

The programme, which has been running for five years, has students from the sixth grade to kindergarten grasping concepts related to the environment and conservation and their roles as individuals to make things better.{{more}}

The senior class of the primary school recently completed a project under the theme “Conservation of Marine Endangered Species” where they worked in pairs to identify and highlight the issues surrounding a marine life form, found typically in Mustique waters. The children researched areas such as ecology, fishing practices, regulations and threats to their environment then worked on creating posters, brochures and t-shirts to spread their message, which they vigorously campaigned in their community.

Headmaster Errol Belgraves said that it was fascinating to see the children being the ones educating the adults on caring for the environment and applauded the work of all involved.

Teacher Lystra Culzac-Wilson who travels from the mainland to the Grenadine isle to teach the children about their environment said that the youth involvement was an indication that “the next generation could be poised to save us from ourselves.”

Culzac-Wilson noted that while the older generation seems to over fish and pollute the environment, the younger ones are more conscientious and would be the ones more sensitive to save the environment.

The environmental work of the youngsters would be on display at the Mustique Airport where their efforts to protect and respect Mustique’s fragile ecosystems would be on display.