December 22, 2006

Ripple effect of the information highway

The super information highway put the public beheading of Stacy Wilson in the fast lane and within hours the news and graphic photos circulated the earth.

The same night, Searchlight was already receiving explicit photos via email from people outside of the Caribbean.{{more}}

People on the scene were taking photos and movies with digital cameras and camera-enabled cell phones and emailing them.

Picked up by wire services, the stories were published in hundreds of newspapers in numerous countries.

A search of online newspapers turned up articles as close as Cayman Islands and as far away as Australia.

A sample of the headlines read: “Man beheads woman at bus terminal” (The Age, Australia); “Woman beheaded” (Cay Compass, Cayman Islands);

“Woman beheaded at bus terminal in St Vincent” (Canton Repository); “Angry crowd attacks suspect in beheading outside St. Vincent” (International Herald Tribune); “Woman beheaded at St. Vincent bus terminal” (; “Man Beheads Woman in St. Vincent” (FOX News); “St Vincent shocked by beheading” (BBC NEWS); and “Man lops off woman’s head” (Toronto Sun).

Numerous Blogs have been discussing the beheading with one actually posting the explicit gory images but they were removed by the moderator with a note saying “we do not allow posted pics of recently slaughtered people especially African women”.

Shorn Samuel, 35, was arrested and charged with murder.

Stacy was laid to rest Tuesday in her home village of Vermont.