December 22, 2006
Good parenting

by Shunice Butcher

How can someone raise a child without the proper knowledge and encouragement from their friends and families?

This is the question that the members of the Parenting Association are trying to answer as they continued to give their assistance to the members of the public.{{more}}

Their main priority is to offer good parenting skills to various Parent Teachers Association (PTA) and other community groups. They are also trying to develop and disseminate good parenting and to offer counseling and support to both parent and children.

In light of demonstrating their continued support, they have been hosting a number of different parental educational programs and workshops in different communities.

Their main target is to try and help single parents between the ages of 20-25 who do not have the necessary ideas of how to raise a child on their own. However despite the inroads they are making, the group is experiencing financial problems but do not see this as a stumbling block to stop their output to the public.

Executive member Janice Fraser told Searchlight that the organisation is being supported by various agencies.

However despite all of this the group has no intention in withdrawing their service to the less advantage as they are concentrating on training more of the group members so that they can be better equip to assist some parent who shows up at the office for help. The group is also concentrating on ways in which they can better serve the public and how to encourage parents to join the program.

The organisation has been in establishment since 1999 with a little break in the program for three years and was reestablished in May 2006 and has been running programs throughout the country by hosting various workshops and other parental programs.