December 15, 2006
Women’s group condemns vicious, merciless killing

The National Council of Women and members of the Purple Ribbon Campaign against Women and Girls, have condemned the “vicious and merciless” acts of violence against Stacey Wilson of Vermont Monday.

“This gruesome murder is compounded by the fact that women and men in St Vincent and the Grenadines had on December 10 concluded 16 days of activism against Violence to Women and Girls, and in the society in general. We stand in solidarity with grieving members of the families of both the victim and the perpetrator, and peace loving citizens who are traumatized by the event,” the organizations stated in a joint news release Wednesday.{{more}}

“It is clear that a dangerous belief in male privilege continues to hinder the advancement of women, when their lives can be lost through jealous rage, as women are denied control over their own bodies. The Objectives of the Purple Ribbon Campaign become even more relevant as the Network seeks through a long-term national campaign to improve values and attitudes, and eliminate commonly believed gender stereotypes, such as those that lead to acts of violence against women. We call upon the Gender Affairs Department to introduce programmes that target conflict resolution among citizens, from schools, to community and within homes. We entreat citizens to develop more caring attitudes, to be truly our brother’s/ our sister’s keeper!

“We call upon all women’s Groups, Community Groups, and the many men who object to the attacks on women’s human rights, to join the Campaign Against Women and Girls, and in our Society. Let Peace and Justice reign in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and make it truly a Land of the Blessed,” the release added.