December 15, 2006
Unity Labour Party remembers Glenn

GlenN Jackson’s death was still tugging at the hearts of Unity Labour Party (ULP) supporters and leaders when they met for their 13th annual convention last Sunday.

The tears that gently trickled down the face of Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves during a tribute to Glenn told the story as clear as day.{{more}}

A five-minute tribute was paid to the man many described as the live wire of the party, the master MC; the one who kept all ULP functions alive and kicking.

Every one stood quietly as the Deejay cued the hit 1997 song “I’ll Be Missing You” and the faces on the platform could not hide it; that amidst their celebration, someone who should have been there to savor the moment in his own bubbly way, was not.

Shawn “P Diddy” Combs and Faith Evans wrote the smooth rap melody to honour their slain friend and husband respectively, superstar, New York rapper Christopher “The Notorious BIG” Wallens, who was gunned down in March of 1997, but it was now being used to remember a slain, superstar, Vincentian political activist, Glenn “Shake Up” Jackson who was killed in March of this year.

“As a human being he was not without faults, not without limitations,” said Prime Minister Gonsalves as he delivered his address.

Prime Minister Gonsalves said that Glenn, amidst his faults and weaknesses, served his political party, country, and Vincentians very well.

At the celebration rally, two Thursdays ago at Unity Square, close to 2,000 party revelers honoured Glenn’s memory with a minute’s silence. Some were well sweetened by an array of spirited beverages and intoxicated by the tugging of their rhythmic cords by the flowing music yet they stood silently, respectfully, for the minute.

What Prime Minister Gonsalves said at last Sunday’s convention was certainly the theme of the sentiments felt by all ULP comrades; and maybe, just maybe, all Vincentians;

“This year I felt the loss of Glenn,” he said.