Santa comes to town early this year
December 15, 2006

Santa comes to town early this year

Last Saturday Santa came to Government House bearing gifts and good cheers to preschoolers from as far as Chateaubelair and Sandy Bay.

The Rotary Club of St Vincent annual children’s Christmas party kicked off at 3:30 pm with prayers by Bishop Robert Rivas and welcome by Janice Fraser of the Children’s Welfare Fund Committee.{{more}}

The police band provided lively music to which hostess Lady Sally Ballantyne broke into dance with the little ones after giving welcoming remarks.

Food boxes filled with bite-size goodies were served with soft drinks, popcorn and ice cream by the Girl Guides who were Santa’s helpers for the evening.

The children danced with glee, even those with disabilities were in on the action.

Santa made his grand entrance with his bags upon bags of toys and gifts. There was a scare that each child may not get a gifts as there were over 200 children present compared to last year’s 50, however it all worked out and all went home smiling and saying HO! HO! HO!