December 15, 2006
‘Ole George’ launches Incredible 7 program

With the crisis of the increase of violence in the school system, Earl ‘ole George’ Daniel is trying to put a stop to this as he launched the Incredible 7 program on Tuesday December 12.

The Incredible 7 program represents the seven values that can be difficult to find in individuals. These are: commitment, discipline, honesty, integrity, leadership, patience, and tolerance.{{more}}

Presently, teachers are facing difficulties in dealing with some of the violent outbreaks in the schools which means that there is a lot of work that needs to be addressed and this is what ‘ole George’ sees himself doing.

He told the launch of the programme that too often children are left with the responsibility to raise themselves without the support from the parents.

He is of the opinion that children in this country would respond differently if their needs are met.

To become a member of the programme the students must have the seven values of the programme and be capable of demonstrating them.

Students of the programme will be called upon to participate in projects on one of the seven values and be able to counsel their peers.

Not being left behind, the counselors at the school will also assist in encouraging the students on the programme and to see that the seven values are being kept while the students are at school.

Counsellors in the schools have already been briefed and have given the programme their full support.

To become a member of the Incredible 7 program, individuals are only required to make a pledge to uphold the seven values and they will receive a pin in the shape of a seven.

Once this pin is worn, they would be expected to uphold the seven principles for seven days. They should look at different ways in which they could improve afterwards.