December 15, 2006
Keir celebrates 25 years of service

Twenty-five years is seen by many as a milestone achievement, a landmark, a goal reached. But to Sergeant Errol Keir it is just the genesis of greater things to come. Keir celebrated 25 years of service to the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force on Friday December 1, 2006.

As any Police officer would tell you, being in the force is no easy task. Keir told SEARCHLIGHT that being a police officer was a life long passion and that he never wanted to do anything else.

“Since I was a boy, my friends and I would pretend to be police, I always loved to see the police on their bikes and that is what got me started.” {{more}}

He said that his 25 years of service to the force did not come without its fair share of disappointments and setbacks.

“I got rejected three times before I was accepted in the police force but I never gave up hope,” said Keir.

In his nonchalant demeanor Keir recalled being on the “beat” in his first year as an officer, which he said was enjoyable, but his real calling came when he was a part of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) where he spent nine years.

“Being there helped me a lot in terms of my investigating skills and how to deal with people.”

Keir admitted that being a long serving and trustworthy cop has changed his life in many ways. He said dealing with dead bodies was never a part of his job he looked forward to but knew it had to be done. He recounted working in many outstations throughout St Vincent and the Grenadines and always giving a good account of himself wherever he went.

After his stint at CID, Keir was transferred to Chateaubelair in 1996 and became acting corporal. In 2004 he was promoted to Sergeant.

As a man with a heart filled with zeal and compassion, Keir told SEARCHLIGHT that he still has so much more to offer.

“After I hit the 20 year mark, I felt it was my goal to achieve the next five years.”

At present Keir is in charge of the Owia Police Station and is embracing his new position.

“I never found it hard making the next step, I am committed to my job and love what I do.”

He said since being in charge of the Owia district one of the difficulties faced is the absence of their own transportation.

He attributed a great deal of his success to former Superintendent of Police Ernest James.

“He was more like a father to me, and he taught me a great deal about being in the force.” He also took the time to thank his mother whom he said was always there encouraging him without an agenda.

Sergeant Keir encouraged young police officers to take their job seriously and respect others in society.

Keir was one of nine officers who celebrated 25 years of service last week.

The others are Inspector Jonathon Nicholls, Inspector Eric Browne, Station Sergeant Timothy Hazelwood, Sergeant 143 Henry Hope, Sergeant 218 Allan John, Sergeant 363 Leviticus Primus, Sergeant 47 Derry DaSilva and Corporal 2 Lloyd Baptiste.

As for hanging up his shiny boots and hat, Keir said that he does not plan on doing that anytime soon but that he will continue his works until he can’t go anymore.