Cruise Ship Complex vendors back in business
December 8, 2006

Cruise Ship Complex vendors back in business

Vendors at the Cruise Ship Complex are smiling now that the Port Authority has listened to their pleas and reduced the fee to sell on its compound.

“I didn’t plan on going back if it was still $50, but $25 is somewhat reasonable,” said Alicia Simmons who normally sells in front of the Kingstown market.{{more}}

In mid-November Searchlight highlighted the plight of the vendors. They were previously operating free of cost but the Port Authority implemented a daily fee without notice or consultation.

“Management has reduced the fee to $25, right now we are seeking to put in stalls, something of a simple design that will fit into the environment for them, all work will be done in-house,” said Harvey Caine, Administrative Officer of the Port Authority.

Jewellery designer and vendor Zadito who attended the meeting said: “I like the outcome and I hope that they come through with the other improvements, its all for tourism development”.

Caine said he would like the public to know that locals are welcome to shop at the terminal and that they are planning to bring back the ice-cream parlor and the restaurant to the front.

“It is a free zone,” he said, “This is our busiest season and we want everything to run smoothly and everyone to make money”.

The two shop owners who were locked out last month for non-payment are back in business though another one has now been locked out.

Business generally is not good, one shop owner said, and urged that means and ways be found to attract more people.

“We need to put on activities that would generate local patronage, how can the Ministry of Tourism be allowed to do so and we cannot, we are all renters”.