Vincentian students excel in Mexico
December 1, 2006

Vincentian students excel in Mexico

Vincentian students studying in Mexico are reported to be performing well.

This country’s Ambassador to Washington DC Ellsworth I. A. John who recently went to Mexico to visit the students and speak with Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the university students were performing at “a very high level”.

Three of the students have so far maintained a perfect grade and overall the 58 Vincentian students on scholarship have maintained an average of 9.5 out of a maximum of 10.{{more}}

Ambassador john, who is also accredited to Mexico, visited Mexico City November 14-15 to get an update on their performance. He took the opportunity to discuss some concerns of a logistical nature that had been raised by the students regarding the program. These include revisiting the start date for the program to facilitate easier access to public universities, as well as implementation of a transfer policy from private to public universities which are less expensive and therefore more suitable to the students’ financial capabilities and a more enabling environment to allow the students to adjust to arriving in a city of 22 million people. The authorities in Mexico were quite receptive to the recommendations made by Ambassador John and will seek to put in place a new dispensation which will more favourably accommodate our students.

Arrangement will begin shortly for the next batch of students to be selected for this program.