November 3, 2006

Bequians parade

by Yonnette Belmar

The Almond Tree, an area where many Bequians gather regularly for ‘Parliament’ was on Friday October 27 transformed into a sea of colour by the many groups that gathered for a parade to the playing field.

The Bequia Independence Committee in collaboration with the National Independence Committee held a parade and cultural exhibition on the Clive Tannis playing field. The parade was led by the Layou Path Finders marching band.{{more}}

It started at 9:30 am under the Almond Tree where most of the primary and secondary schools, the Girl Guides, Brownies, other uniformed groups, the recently-formed Senior Citizens Club and residents marched around Port Elizabeth to the playing field.

The audience in the packed stand heard the Independence message from the Prime Minister read by Vernette Ollivierre and addresses from the Northern Grenadines representative, Dr Godwin Friday, and Deputy Director of Grenadines Affairs, Herman Belmar.