October 13, 2006

Lands Minister to conduct survey on Owia squatters

A survey on the needs and location of squatting families in Owia is to be conducted by government soon.

Minister of Informal Human Settlements, Julian Francis, said the results of the survey would be used to assess the needs and prepare a development plan for Owia. The survey would also inform the setting of a price for the land and allow for the preparation and transfer of title deeds.{{more}}

The minister was speaking during a consultation with the residents at the Owia Government School last week.

The ministry has announced a plan to improve the living conditions for about 5,000 people who are living below the poverty line. The people who are squatting on government lands will get electricity and water and other infrastructural improvements in the nine districts of Diamond, Campden Park, Glen, Largo Height, Buddy Gutter, Trigger-ridge, Charles village in Spring Village, and Keartons in Wallilabou and Owia.