September 29, 2006

Evangelical group backs anti-prostitution stance

The Evangelical Association of the Caribbean has lauded four Caribbean countries for their stand against licensing sex workers for World Cup Cricket 2007 and has urged other governments to follow suit.

“The Evangelical community throughout the region is deeply grateful for the principled stand taken by the Governments of Barbados, St Kitts and Nevis, Guyana, and Antigua and Barbuda,” said General Secretary Gerry Seale who outlined an eight-point argument against decriminalizing prostitution on religious, health, and social grounds.{{more}}

He said that decriminalization of prostitution aids the trafficking of women and children for sex; endangers the health of women; exploits women and reinforces male dominance; dignifies pimps, brothels, and sex clubs; increases the violence against women; and is morally wrong and unbiblical.

“Decriminalisation does not in fact control prostitution, but expands it. There is an immediate and long-term increase in hidden, illegal and street prostitution completely outside the ‘legal’ framework,” said General Secretary Rev. Gerry Seale.

The association has urged Caribbean governments not to decriminalize prostitution for the Cricket World Cup or at any time.

It has also urged that legislation throughout the region dealing with violence against women be strengthened to include prostitution as violence against women and criminalise the men who seek to abuse and exploit women in this degrading manner.

“All Caribbean governments (should) commit to practical steps that would alleviate the economic pressures on women who are forced to degrade themselves through this violent, unhealthy, and spiritually destructive ‘trade’,” said Seale.