10 students named for Malaysian scholarships
September 29, 2006

10 students named for Malaysian scholarships

Adrian Da Silva is proud as a peacock that he is one of the inaugural 10 to be awarded the Malaysian scholarships but he is even more excited about what he can do for St Vincent and the Grenadines after he has completed his studies.

Earlier this week the ten successful applicants received the news of their selection while 13 others will have to get over the disappointment of missing out on the opportunity.{{more}}

When SEARCHLIGHT spoke to 18-year-old Adrian he was excited about his coming pursuit of a degree in Software Engineering. The just graduated community College Edinboro resident said that he was always into computers and had no doubt that once the opportunity for higher learning come he would go into that field of studies.

Meanwhile 21-year-old Norlan Jackson feels honored that she has gotten the nod to explore her dreams. Norlan told SEARCHLIGHT that because she has traveled quite a bit the challenge of studying in a new culture is an exciting adventure for her. Jackson will be seeking to earn her degree in Digital Imaging and Illusion. She is already mentally adjusting to the change as she prepares to leave her Fenton Green Home for her Asian sojourn

Five of the awardees are benefiting from the Petra Scholarship while the other five from the Limkokwing scholarship programmes. They are Yonette Belmar, Rohan Bullock, Ayeshma Abbott, Nickisha Farrell, Jinelle Adams, Rachel Bailey, Jennifer Forbes, Shanique May, Norlan Jackson and Adrian Da Silva. Two other students are already studying in Jamaica and Trinidad respectively. Their tuition is funded by the Petra Scholarship fund.