Penniston man wins $200,000 lottery prize
September 15, 2006
Penniston man wins $200,000 lottery prize

A Penniston resident is now $200,000 richer after hitting the National Lotteries Jackpot on September 1.

On Tuesday, Lient Parris, a tailor of Penniston left the National Lotteries office in much better financial position, after collecting his cheque from Manager of the National Lottery, McGregor Sealey.{{more}}

When Parris spoke with the media, he said he did not realise that he had won the jackpot because he does not check his ticket to see if he has won until the winning numbers are posted in the newspapers.

Parris did not find out until eight days later. He said he went to sleep early that night and got up at 3 am.

“When I got up I was reading the papers and noticed that these

were the same numbers I usually play.” Parris recalled falling to his knees and was shouting “Praise God”.

A frequent player since September 1996, he said that his winning numbers of 23, 17, 2, 7 and 30 are of some sentimental value. He disclosed the numbers represents birthrates of family members, license and occasions.

This is not the first instance where Parris has won money from the National Lottery, he recalled winning four numbers on three different occasions.

As for his immediate plans for the money, he says that he will be putting it to good use.

Parris’ winning ticket was purchased at Black Ebou’s Outlet in Chauncey.