Gaymes complains of Police brutality
September 8, 2006
Gaymes complains of Police brutality

Police are investigating a complaint of alleged brutality by their own against a civilian.

Curtis Gaymes, a 29-year-old Driver, said he was picked up by police, taken to a police station and beaten last Saturday afternoon.{{more}}

According to Gaymes, he parked his tour bus in Kingstown and went over to the Bus Terminal to “get something to eat”. What transpired afterwards left him totally bewildered.

While there, a police vehicle pulled up next to him. After a verbal exchange with the driver (a man with whom he is familiar), he was taken aboard the vehicle and transported to Rose Place in the capital with three other civilians. Before reaching Rose Place, one of the civilians was released and another picked up in Rose Place. All four civilians were driven to the Central Police Station and then onto their final destination at the Old Montrose Police Station where Gaymes claims he was taken to a room and beaten with a leather belt.

“They beat me until the belt burst,” Gaymes said, showing the Searchlight photos of the weals across his back and arms.

Afterwards he was taken outside and asked to apologise to the officer with whom he had the verbal exchange at the market.

“While he was telling me what to say, another officer cuff me by my left ear and knocked me down,” Gaymes added, with tears welling up in his eyes as he recalled the incident.

After apologizing, as requested he was sent back into the room where the other three guys were. “I was crying and the police asked me if a big man does cry.”

A police officer then asked Gaymes if he didn’t have work to do, and told him to take a bus back to town.

Gaymes has filed a complaint with the Criminal Investigation Department and the Public Relations and Complaints Department. An Inspector of Police took him to the Old Montrose Station but he said that the officers there denied that Gaymes was ever at that station.

Gaymes insisted that the incident took place.

An officer from the Public Relations and Complaints Department confirmed to the Searchlight that Gaymes did make a report and that investigations were underway.