Young Vincentian doing well in British Army
August 11, 2006
Young Vincentian doing well in British Army

Calberth Charles, son of Chiefton and Yvonne Charles of Enhams joined the British Army in 2000 and served in the Royal Signals. He did a tour of duty during the Iraq war.

After that tour of duty he was promoted to Lance Corporal. Charles has completed several training courses in which he excelled and was promoted to Corporal in 2005.{{more}}

Charles was recently transferred to the Army’s Physical Training Corps after completing the nine-month transfer course where he was one of a few persons who gained qualifications in various disciplines, including: Kayak instructor, swimming teacher, national pool and lifeguard, rock climbing instructor, and regimental adventure training officer. In June, 2006, he was again promoted to Sergeant in the Physical Training Corps.

Charles is presently doing another six-month course in the hope of becoming a Rehabilitation Instructor (physiotherapist).

He is married to Hyacinth Richards, the daughter of Lionel and Joan Richards of Glebeland, Calliaqua.