Lodge Village in the Hall of Fame
June 23, 2006
Lodge Village in the Hall of Fame

The Lodge Village Government School has established as itself the school to be reckoned with in the Primary School Leaving Examination. They set a standard in that test, but with that exam having been eliminated owing to the introduction of universal secondary education, the focus seems to have shifted to the Common Entrance Exam.{{more}}

This year, Raheen Hall, an 11-year-old placed third for Boys and seventh overall. He inevitably topped his school’s list and was one of three persons to score the top grade nationally in Math. His 97% in that subject was exceptional. He wants to be a Scientist. His advice to students is “study hard and keep on the right track.” He thanked his teachers and singled out his mother Mobeth James, a teacher at the Lodge Village Government School for praise. His father is Alexis James. In typical Caribbean fashion, Raheem is a cricket fan and his favourite cricketer is Sir Garfield Sobers.

“He was the best batsman before Lara came in,” Raheem said.

Raheem brought a measure of pride to the Lodge Village School, and everyone there is happy. Principal Sylnette Jack acknowledged that “We have a reading programme. That has paid off.” Jack was very happy with her school’s achievement and pointed out: “Students and teachers have worked hard.”