Vincy Aviation refutes claims
June 9, 2006
Vincy Aviation refutes claims

Charges laid against Vincy Aviation Services, ground handlers for Caribbean Star and Caribbean Sun Airlines, by some members of staff have been rebuffed by Technical Director Ricky Drayton.

The protesters who prefer to remain anonymous, claim that for about four to five years they have been attempting to have their overtime pay rectified to no avail.{{more}}

The workers also complained about irregularities concerning NIS deductions, vacation, and claim that some workers are being paid less than the minimum wage.

However, while the workers are asking the relevant authorities to look into the situation, Drayton on the other hand believes that staff at Vincy Aviation Services are well treated when compared with the average worker in this country.

When contacted, the Technical Director told SEARCHLIGHT his company has been operating for the past five years and it was just about three-and-a-half years ago it started night flight operations. Hence the workers cannot claim they were “attempting” to have their overtime pay rectified for about four to five years.

Drayton stated that it was just last month that two workers approached him disputing the amount they were paid for working over time. He said the workers were told that from June a new system will be introduced where the junior and middle management staff will be paid on an hourly rate instead of monthly to address the concern. He said an electronic clock has been installed solely for this purpose.

“We recognized the staff may work overtime and deserve to be compensated,” said Drayton. He explained that the company pays the staff a meal allowance as well as breakfast allowance and went as far as purchasing a bus to transport the workers.

Drayton disclosed he believes the protest might be related to an incident that happened recently and as a way of getting back at the company, they are creating a situation.

“They may well be disgruntled, recently a few workers have been caught in a conspiracy.”

He disclosed that a worker was dismissed for embezzling company funds while another was given a warning letter.

Drayton said he cannot understand the protest because each staff member signed a contract detailing his or her salary, benefits and overtime prior to taking up employment.