Cable & Wireless pays tribute to Doc
June 9, 2006
Cable & Wireless pays tribute to Doc

Dr. Earle Kirby acknowledged as this country’s leading archaeological personality, will be etched in our heritage.

The “Doc”, Veterinarian, National Museum Curator, Archaeologist and Author is featured on the cover of the 2006/2007 Cable & Wireless Services Directory.

Doc, born December 16, 1921, died September 6, 2005 aged 84.{{more}}

His collection of artefacts serves as a reference point of this country’s history. Tribute to the Doc also came from the National Trust’s Kathy Martin.

She referred to intellectuals and professors worldwide who consulted Dr. Kirby on the pieces in his Botanic Gardens Museum.

Martin thanked Dr. Kirby for giving St. Vincent and the Grenadines its history. Cable & Wireless’ Manager Daryl Jackson expressed gratitude to Dr. Kirby’s wife Monica for consenting to her husband being featured. Jackson alluded to his company’s commitment to Vincentian heritage.

“It is truly a privilege to assist in reclaiming a part of our heritage,” he said.

Jackson added that Dr. Kirby’s image on the Directory “is a tribute to his legacy and commitment to the archiving of artefacts representing St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ history”.

Culture Minister Rene Baptise also addressed the function held at the National Trust office downstairs the Old Public Library. She urged Cable & Wireless to ensure that they continue to promote the country’s heritage.

Cable & Wireless handed over $1,000 to the National Trust to help with maintenance of the artefacts. Jackson also used the opportunity to hand over a copy of the directory to Mrs. Kirby.