Speaker: Don’t ‘monkey around with Parliament
June 2, 2006

Speaker: Don’t ‘monkey around with Parliament

Senator Daniel Cummings is having a torrid time adjusting to his new role. He was asked to take his seat last week Thursday during debate on the Citizenship Amendment Bill.

Cummings, a former manager at the Central Water and Sewerage Authority, lost by 35 votes to Rene Baptiste the election for the West Kingstown seat during the December 7, 2005 poll.{{more}}

But his elevation to the position of Senator seems to be causing no end of worries. He and the Speaker clashed in an earlier sitting when the Speaker ruled his question “out of order.”

Last Thursday’s episode was perhaps a resurfacing of the bad blood.

Cummings suggested in his contribution that the Amendment legislation should be sent to the Bar Association so that they may be able to look at it.

Cummings hinted that the Prime Minister may have been given to acts of “venom” and that he had a “vendetta” which is why he brought the amendment to the House.

The Prime Minister outlined that Cummings’ remarks were “imputing improper motives.”

However, Cummings was unsure as to what statements caused the objection and outlined that his statements were not complete.

Speaker Hendrick Alexander asked the opposition Senator not to “monkey around the Parliament.”

Senator Cummings explained that he never said the Prime Minister had a vendetta, but the Speaker was not impressed by his statements and asked the senator to take his seat.