National Literacy Crusade seeks assistance from business sector
May 26, 2006

National Literacy Crusade seeks assistance from business sector


An appeal has been made to the business community, especially the banks and credit unions, to support the National Literacy Crusade (NLC).

Speaking at the sixth rally of the NLC’s “Operation Mop Up,” at Langley Park on Wednesday, May 17, Director of the NLC Hugh Wyllie said that the only banking institution here to have responded to his letters for assistance was the National Commercial Bank.{{more}}

Wyllie also stated that businesses stand to benefit if they support the programme, as they would have more literate customers. He added that he also asked the Credit Union League for support, but that his plea went on deaf ears.

Wyllie, however, encouraged others to come on board stating that it is never too late for one to help the National Literacy Crusade. He said that they welcomed more persons willing to give anything that they have, whether it be their time, money or other resources.

The NLC Director noted that the National Literacy Crusade is proud of the progress made thus far in terms of the number of persons still in the programme. He however urged more people to sign up and to be a part of the Literacy programme.

Also present at the rally was Senior Education Officer Tyrone Burke, Co-ordinator of the Zone Moses Stay, Coordinator from Zone three Nigel Morgan and facilitators for the different communities in Zone One.