Damien Bennett is new president of ULP Youth Arm
May 26, 2006
Damien Bennett is new president of ULP Youth Arm

He has been a political activist since he was in form three and was even suspended for campaigning in school, but now Damien Bennett is the president of the Unity Labour Party’s Youth Arm.

In elections held at the Party’s National Youth Convention last Sunday, May 21, at the North Union Secondary School, Bennett ran away with a resounding victory. In his acceptance speech the Glen resident told his constituents that he was excited about the opportunity to lead them.{{more}}

Considering the way forward, Bennett said that he is hoping to get the Unity Youths involved in clean-up campaigns in the various communities. High on his agenda is also the hosting of an inter-constituency sport meet to help nurture their unity.

When he spoke to SEARCHLIGHT, Bennett said that he plans to continue to be involved in politics at every level possible. He said that he is convinced that the ULP is the “best party for the youths,” hence his commitment to the party whether they are in office or in opposition.

In her farewell speech, out-going president Rosette Bennett challenged her successor to utilize the human resources at his disposal reminding him that he cannot do the work alone. She told the enthusiastic and appreciative audience that she is still passionate about ensuring that the ULP maintains the popular youth vote and continues in government. Encouraging the youths to be actively involved in the affairs of the nation, Bennett told the youths, “Don’t give parliamentarians a chance to forget you.”

In his address, Minister of Youth Glen Beache told the youths that they had no excuse under his party’s administration. “No youth should say that he has no opportunity for education.” He challenged them to look beyond North America and the United Kingdom when considering educational opportunities as he promoted the various scholarships on offer from Malaysia, Taiwan and Cuba.

Hundreds of Labour Party youths from all the various constituencies converged on the North Union Secondary School for the convention which included cultural performances and various addresses including one from their political leader, Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves.