May 26, 2006

Consumer Price Index


APRIL 2006

The Consumer Price Index for the month for April 2006 increased by 0.2 percent over the previous month. The “All Items” Index stood at 109.6 in April, while in March it was 109.4. The Point-to-Point inflation rate was 1.6 percent compared to 3.9 percent for April 2005.

Of the 11 groups in the basket of goods and services, the groups “Housing”, “Fuel & Light”, and “Household Furniture & Supplies” increased.{{more}} Meanwhile the groups “Food” and “Personal Services” decreased. No change was registered in the remaining six groups, namely: “Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco”, “Clothing & Footwear,” ‘Medical Care & Expenses”, “Transport & Communication”, “Education”, and “Miscellaneous.”

The group “Housing” increased by 0.8 percent, following an increase in the premium for house insurance (8.7 percent).

The increase in the fuel surcharge rate was responsible for the 7.1 percent increase in the group “Fuel & Light”, while the group “Household Furniture & Supplies” realized a 0.2 percent increase due mainly to the rise in the price of dishwashing liquid (1.2 percent), candles (8.0 percent), and light bulbs and tubes (26.0 percent).

The group “Food” declined by 0.3 percent mainly as a result of the lower prices for turkey wings (10.6 percent), pumpkins (14.0 percent), and sweet peppers (20.0 percent). Meanwhile, the group “Personal Services” experienced a 0.1 percent decline as the price of baby diapers fell by 6.2 percentn