May 19, 2006

Miguel says: No condoms in schools

Minister of Education Girlyn Miguel is prepared to oppose any attempt to have condoms distributed in our nation’s secondary schools.

Minister Miguel, responding to a question asked at a recent Ministry of Education press conference said “heaven help us” at the thought of such distribution becoming a reality.{{more}}

When she spoke to SEARCHLIGHT, Minister Miguel said that the distribution of condoms in our nation’s schools goes against all the beliefs that she and the nation on a whole esteem.

While stating that no such recommendation has come up for any formal discussion in the Ministry, Minister Miguel told SEARCHLIGT that although she understands the train of thought of those who would suggest such measures, she is adamantly against it and will “oppose it without question.”

Miguel said that as a nation we cannot allow it to be so easy for our young people to choose immorality and stressed the importance of teaching the Godly values that we live by. “It has not come up and I hope it never does because I will fight it,” ended the Minister.