May 19, 2006

Dr. Friday wants to see new investments in Grenadines

Although he is reasonably satisfied with the number of tourists that visited Bequia during the Easter season and the cruise ship calls to the Bequia Port, Northern Grenadines Parliamentary Representative, Dr. Godwin Friday is still concerned about the absence of new investments over the last five years.{{more}}

“I have been hearing a lot of talk but no action,” said Dr. Friday as he spoke to SEARCHLIGHT recently. He said that he believes greater effort must be made to attract foreign investors to the island. Friday, who is in his second term in office after taking over from the long serving former Prime Minister Sir James Mitchell, said that he has seen and heard of developments taking place in Barbados and St. Lucia among others and is asking, “Why not us?”

Dr. Friday also expressed concern over the state of security for the yachts that visit the island adding that unless tourists can feel confident of leaving their yachts to come on land they would not come and spend their money. “We are continuing to lose the potential benefit for the island’s tourism.”

Dr. Friday is also concerned about the clean up campaign on the island, claiming that a greater effort must be made in that regard adding, “We must be continuingly upgrading the product.”