VINSA has new executive
May 5, 2006

VINSA has new executive

A new executive has been elected to serve the Vincentian Student Association (VINSA) in Jamaica for the upcoming academic year 2006-2007.

The elections took place at the association’s final general meeting and elections on Saturday, April 22, 2006. {{more}}

The meeting was held at the A Z Preston Hall of Residence. The new executive will be headed by Pearl Mc Master; with Luveslyn Maule, vice president; Jenner Martin, secretary; Marsha Ellis, treasurer; Marion Isaacs, PRO; Denise Fernandez, culture and entertainment affairs chairperson CEAC; and Arifa Ryan Charles as food representative.

McMaster, in her maiden address, pledged to continue the work started by the previous executive where she served as vice-president.

Her major thrust will be to get more Vincentian students involved in the activities of the association especially students from the University of Technology (UTech). Another of her plans is to further promote St. Vincent and the Grenadines on the campus. Also addressing the meeting was the president of The Vincentian Residents Association, Dr. Eric Garraway. Dr. Garraway, who has been living in Jamaica for over 30 years, commended the outgoing executive for spearheading one of the most vibrant years for the association.

“This year was really a great year,” said Dr. Garraway. He suggested to the new executive that while their aim is getting more students involved, there will be students who will get involved regardless of the activities planned. However, the onus is on them all to continue the good work.

Dr. Garraway used the occasion to express his disappointment of the scant regard shown to the association by the government, especially the Ministry of Education. According to Dr. Garraway, representatives from the Ministry of Education will from time to time attend council meetings at the Mona Campus and no attempt is ever made to meet with students studying there.

Dr. Douglas Slater was singled out as the only government minister who has ever shown any form of interest in meeting with the students whenever he is in Jamaica.

Senica Garraway, wife of Dr. Garraway who was also in attendance, expressed satisfaction at seeing representatives from UTECH on the executive.

Out-going president of the association, Randy Boucher, took the opportunity to thank all for their outstanding support to the association during the year. Boucher reported that the VINSA was now one of the more recognized student associations at the Mona Campus. He said, “All activities of the association are always well supported by students of all other islands.”