C&W opens new bMobile retail store
May 5, 2006
C&W opens new bMobile retail store

Cable & Wireless is aiming to dominate the mobile market in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

This intention was highlighted by Daryl Jackson, the company’s chief executive officer, during the celebration of the launch their new bMobile retail store on Halifax Street, Kingstown on Thursday, April 27. {{more}}

Jackson said he makes no apology for this statement; however, Cable & Wireless intends to go about this task as a fair and caring competitor.

Jackson demonstrated his commitment to customer service by making both his direct line and mobile numbers available to the public. Jackson said that customers having any concern could contact him at 457-1099 and 494-2200.

The CEO stated that the “state-of -the-art” bMobile store intends to stay ahead of the competition by making it easier for its customers to access the latest technology and styles at competitive prices.

“Our people are well trained and highly motivated to serve our customers with warmth and genuine concern that will afford our customers the best value for their money,” Jackson pointed out.

In addition to providing a modern, accessible location from which to do business, Jackson outlined that Cable & Wireless recognizes that it is the quality of its people, customer service and sales staff, that will be the greatest contributor to the “in store” customer experience.

The CEO made six promises. The first was that his staff will be courteous and helpful to all its customers; the others were to: offer the best value for money; provide timely and accurate information about its services; offer cutting edge technology; be fair and respectful to its customers; and be accessible to all its customers.

Delivering the feature address, René Baptiste, Minister of Urban Development, noted that the opening of the store signals the response of Cable & Wireless to the new business environment in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

The minister spoke of the highly competitive telecommunications market and said Cable & Wireless was responding well with new initiatives.

Cable & Wireless was lauded by Baptiste for its continued sponsorship of the National Netball Tournament, the annual Secondary School Public Speaking Competition, the Starlift Steel Orchestra, the annual Drama Festival, Vincy Mas and Cricket World Cup.

Fitz Huggins, acting vice-president, Mobile and Marketing, who had the responsibility for setting up the store, said the onus is on Cable & Wireless to be a key player in the industry if it is to reap the benefits that exist.

A promise was made by Huggins that Cable & Wireless will continue to be a trend setter and set the

standards which will be followed as it continues to deliver a better service in the industry.