Youth complete Peer education training
April 7, 2006
Youth complete Peer education training

Thirty two Students from around the country aged 13 to 17 years have become trained HIV/AIDS Peer Educators, thanks to the National AIDS Secretariat.

Nazim Gittens, one of the youngsters who were recently trained at the Grace and Truth Camp Site from March 24 to 26, described the programme as excellent.{{more}}

The 14-year-old student however admitted that his biggest challenge might be talking to people who might be too stubborn to change their attitude towards Persons Living With HIV/AIDS (PLW’s) but confessed that he was still willing to face the criticism.

Gittens explained that he and other peer educators would launch activities to emphasise the importance of abstinence and will encourage others to have the confidence to refrain from risky sexual behaviour.

The youth educator confidently stated that with his new communication skills, he was ready to help decrease the spread of HIV/AIDS in the country, especially among the youth.

Meanwhile, Psychologist at the National AIDS Secretariat, Jozelle Miller reinforced the point that the HIV/AIDS Peer Education camp was aimed at empowering young people to share their knowledge with people in their own age group.

Miller noted that 19 secondary schools across the country converged at the Camp Site at Layou from March 24 to 26 where they also learned how to effectively execute activities associated with the prevention, non-stigmatisation and counselling of Persons Living With (PLW) HIV/AIDS.

The Psychologist stressed that when youthful voices speak, youthful ears seem to listen. She elaborated, “They are our target population to help change behaviours towards HIV/AIDS. Since sex is the main way of spreading the virus, young people can identify better with each other as they go through the same pressures of puberty and sexual urges.”

Other activities to help in the fight against HIV/AIDS by the National Secretariat include a luncheon at Roy’s Inn with the media yesterday and the setting up of a booth this Friday and Saturday for the World Health Day Campaign.

Persons can receive voluntary testing and counselling at the booth.