Peace ambassadors spreading the  message
March 31, 2006

Peace ambassadors spreading the message

The concept of “love and peace is what we need” is often heard but seldom acted on.

A wordwide Organisation called the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) which is committed to the unification of people throughout the world has reiterated its commitment to spreading the message of peace.{{more}}

The organization’s mission is to renew the existing United Nations and form a “heavenly United Nations” which would exist for the sake of others.

At a press conference last Tuesday at the offices of lawyer Kay Bacchus Browne International and local coordinator for peace ambassadors, Dawn Bacchus said as peace ambassadors the organisation seeks to bring together different religions and works towards a common goal based on the fundamental core values which are love and the teachings of God. “Selfishness is the breakdown of societies today, No one person can help solve all the social ills that we are facing today. We need unity of all the religious bodies.”

Bacchus highlighted that she has worked in Trinidad at various schools throughout that country making children aware of family values and sharing the message of peace. She said that the response to her work in that country was quite phenomenal.

She also identified the need for proper and responsible reporting by the media. Bacchus further stated the need for the media to focus on love and stay away from mudslinging. “Until we change the way we think, no amount of laws can change the problems facing us.”

A meeting was also held earlier that day with Governor General, Sir Frederick Ballantyne who pledged his commitment to becoming a peace ambassador. Bacchus added that anyone could become a peace ambassador by volunteering. Currently there are 50 ambassadors in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The Universal Peace Federation has been established in one hundred and twenty countries worldwide.