Evesham Primary Honours Past Students
March 24, 2006

Evesham Primary Honours Past Students

Three former Evesham Methodist School students have been rewarded by that institution. They are Jennifer Richardson, Joel Williams and Colville Murray.

Their recognition came Tuesday March 14 at the school’s sixth National Heroes Day Celebration. {{more}}

The three were chosen to complement this year’s theme: “Youth: Our heroes of tomorrow.”

Richardson, Director of News/Sports and Current Affairs at SVG Broadcasting, attended the Bernard M. Baruch College, part of the City University of New York. She graduated with an honours degree in Corporate Communications and minor in Political Science.

She also attended the Marriaqua Secondary School and Grammar School Sixth form. She worked for five years at the National Broadcasting Corporation Radio 705 as Assistant News Editor. She also served on the regional scene as Senior News Reporter at the State owned Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (Radio and Television) in Barbados.

Joel Williams can be described as a ‘livewire’ in Evesham. He hooked up on the electrical field after leaving school and with enhanced skills at the St. Vincent Technical College, Williams became the community’s electrical expert. He was reliable and served as a resourceful person to the nation. Evesham benefited from his training, and his kindness and easy-going approach distinguished him as an asset to the nation.

Colville Murray is perhaps the community’s financial consultant. Anyone with money matters could count on his advice.

One with a knack for figures, Murray has been attached to the National Commercial Bank. But he has not confined his work to the bank. Evesham villagers and others from the neighbourhood in need of advice on money matters can approach him.

Morine Williams, Headteacher of the Evesham Methodist School, described Murray as “kind and understanding.”

“He can always be approached and is always willing to give financial advice,” the Principal added.

The day’s events had to be adjusted.

Heavy showers broke a dry spell. Torrents of water rushed over the mountainous interior region of Evesham.

The activity had to be moved indoors.

Area representative Girlyn Miguel, Education Minister addressed the gathering. Guest Speaker Curtis King gave his presentation amidst the downpour, and the fading light and chilly conditions rendered the surroundings uncomfortable for the adults assembled, even moreso for school children gathered for the function.

King however praised National Hero Joseph Chatoyer for defence of his people: instilling “confidence and a sense of pride in his people.”

King highlighted Kamal Wood, who topped the Caribbean CXC list two years ago, Digicel’s record rising Star Contest winner Kyoka Cruickshank, female basketball player Sophia Young, and home grown entertainer Shernelle ‘Skarpyon’ Williams as heroes of tomorrow.

“You have young persons whose achievements you could celebrate,” King declared.

There was no denying the significance of National Heroes Day. A number of cultural items were rendered. And with an exhibition on the compound, the atmosphere was reflective of a preservation of our heritage, the overall theme of this year’s celebration.