March 3, 2006

Environmentalists: protect our forest

In another 30 years, life in St. Vincent and the Grenadines could be dismal, that is, if we do not stop cutting down trees at the rate we currently are.

According to Director of Forestry Brian Johnson, we are losing three percent of our forestry every year. And with 12,000 acres under forestry, it would not take long before that natural backbone is flattened. {{more}}

The onus is on us, therefore, to do all we can to ensure that the environment is protected.

At least one officer from the Forestry Department is working on arousing interest so that the trend towards tree destruction does not continue.

Garth DeShong, Environmental Educator, is working towards a diploma in Environmental conservation at Kent University, Canterbury. That should be attained by January 2007. By then, DeShong hopes that Vincentians would be more aware of the dangers of environmental degradation.

In order to help achieve his objective, DeShong and other Forestry officials met with Stakeholders in a ‘Pride campaign” last Wednesday.

DeShong is working on his project using the Amazona Guildingii, the national bird of St. Vincent and the Grenadines as his flagship species.

He plans to incorporate the media, business sector, the legal fraternity, schools and the community on a whole in his exercise. Vincentians can look forward to this project and play their role in enhancing the preservation of our land and seascape.