ULP elected MPs told perform or be replaced
February 24, 2006

ULP elected MPs told perform or be replaced

The elected members of the Unity Labour Party (ULP) will be replaced if they do not perform.

This warning came from Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, Political Leader of the Unity Labour Party on Sunday, February 19, at the party’s 12th National Convention held at the St. Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua.

Prior to the December 7 General Elections, Dr. Gonsalves set a new benchmark by which he and the public will assess the representatives. {{more}}

At the time he said every representative elected on a ULP ticket will be required to provide him as leader with a monthly report of what they have been doing in their constituency. This report will also be made available to the public, the Prime Minister said. Dr. Gonsalves had also warned that there will also be no tolerance of laziness.

But on Sunday as he delivered the feature address he looked in the direction of the MPs and issued the warning, lifting the benchmark another notch.

Meanwhile, Dr. Gonsalves announced that during 2006 the ULP will be redoubling its efforts in party organization, with emphasis on the Constituency Councils, Women’s Arm and Youth Arm. He said the Women’s Arm and Youth Arm will be rebranded to reinvigorate them.

The Prime Minister called for the party to commence a period of re-newal. This, he said, has started with the appointment of three senators and the youngest elected representative in the House given one of the government’s most serious ministries, the Ministry of Tourism.

“It is not by accident we are asking young people to come forward for 2011 and 2016 elections,” said Dr. Gonsalves.

At the same time he warned that young people will not be parachuted into the party.

“We want young people to be beaten on the anvil of political experience,” the Prime Minister said of his expectations.

He told the ULP delegates his party was given a mandate in 2005 to continue as the natural party of governance, and to do this successfully it must renew and refresh itself.

“Unless we do that, it will atrophy and die,” said Dr. Gonsalves.

He underpinned the need for renewal along with the political education of the party to maintain its sustainability.

Mike Browne, Minister of National Mobilization, Social Development, NGO Relations, Family, Gender Affairs and Persons with Disabilities, has been mandated to politically educate the party.