February 24, 2006
Discovery Works moving ahead

With over 150 employees performing various aspects of Information Technology based work such as data entry and software programming, Discovery Works is ready for the grand opening of their new local office on Friday February 24.

The American-owned company, which also has offices in New York and Philadelphia, is located in Middle Street in the Alternative Hardware Building on third and fourth floors.{{more}}

General Manager Kevin Jessamy said that the St.Vincent office provides mainly litigation support for U.S. operations, and since the move last month, the work volume has been great.

He advised that there will soon be more employment opportunities for Vincentians since the company will be expanding. The General Manager however noted that the main challenge is getting employees to work on the evening shift, but feels once more people know about the opportunities they will apply for the jobs.

Jessamy noted that incentives such as good starting salaries, monthly incentive bonuses, which are based on performance, and a six-month bonus package should appeal to persons seeking employment.