February 17, 2006
Lime Garden, the new lime in Bequia

by Jonathan Ashby in Bequia

The Lime Garden, Bequia’s latest entertainment spot, has opened to substantial acclaim.

Located in the middle of Port Elizabeth, on one corner of the island’s only crossroads, The Lime Garden in fact houses three businesses – Mrs Duncan’s Delicious Home Cooking, The Lenroc Cafe and Business Centre – and the Garden itself which sports a juice and soup bar as well as a breakfast, snack and dinner restaurant – and a stage where poets, singers, musicians and dancers are invited on Sundays to perform together on a spontaneous, jamming basis.

Last Sunday’s stars were Bequia poet Sylma, along with stunning performances from Hezron and Bequia’s Elvis and their respective string bands and a riveting set by Icelandic-born guitarist, singer and songwriter Gylfri – who is head-lining again this Sunday from 3 p.m.