February 17, 2006
I tried to save my granny but I almost killed her

Driver of P-9717 Ashwin Wilson of Gomea, is today counting his lucky stars.

At about 2am on Sunday February 12, Wilson, the driver of a white Toyota Corolla lost control of his vehicle on the wet road in front of the University of the West Indies School of Continuing Studies. His mother Shirley Wilson and grandmother Ruth Wilson were passengers in the back seat.{{more}}

Wilson recalled that he was awakened by his mother who was frantically pounding at his front door and told that his grandmother was very sick and needed to be rushed to the doctor.

The frightened grandson said when he got to the elderly woman, she was wheezing and had air bubbles coming from her mouth.

Wilson said although he called for an ambulance, he then decided instead to take his ailing grandmother to the hospital.

With thoughts that his grandmother would die if he didn’t do something, Wilson explained that he and his mother put the senior citizen in the car and sped to the hospital. But on their way to get medical assistance, they saw the ambulance and Wilson tried to flag down the vehicle, but instead lost control of the car, in the process almost killing himself and his passengers.

Reflecting on the incident, Ashwin said the car crashed into the University’s retaining wall, spun back onto the road and then made a sudden halt.

The terrified grandson said, “I tried to save my granny but I almost killed her. I don’t know what I would have done if I had killed her. She was bleeding through the nose and was unconscious after the accident.”

With a sigh of relief he said, “Thank God we are still alive.”

When the ambulance eventually stopped, two men who were nearby, Gilbert Adams and David Browne also assisted Wilson with taking his mother and grandmother to the hospital.

On the night of the accident Wilson’s grandmother suffered a minor stroke and heart attack but is now doing much better. She is recuperating at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital. While Wilson was totally unharmed, his mother and grandmother suffered bruises from the accident.