February 10, 2006

Workshop for legal service providers

The first of two subregional workshops organized for legal service providers mainly dealing with law, ethics and human rights was held last week at the Foreign Affairs Conference Room, Kingstown.

The workshop is geared towards decreasing the discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS.{{more}}

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Senior Project Officer for the Pan Caribbean Partnership against HIV/AIDS (PANCAP), Ayana Hypolite said that the objective of the workshop is to bolster the regional initiatives to reduce stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS, vulnerable communities and their families. The workshop will not only protect and promote the human rights of those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS but take bold steps to tear down the barriers to the care and support of those affected, with a view to reducing the impact of HIV/AIDS on the development of our small region.

In his speech, Edward Emmanuel, a representative from PANCAP/CARICOM, said that it is important to advocate for people living with HIV/AIDS so that they are not discriminated against and are treated fairly.

He said the workshop will provide participants with skills to be able to recognise discriminatory practices against people living with HIV/AIDS and to be able to advocate for their rights.