February 3, 2006
Sister Jacinta: Be an example

The Young Leaders of St.Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua will be targeting the youth this year, encouraging them to abstain from sex and desist from abusing drugs.

On Friday, January 20, the group launched its Young Leaders programme under the theme “Shaping the future, cherishing life, embracing family values and respecting one another”.{{more}}

In typical youth fashion, this year’s programme was launched with a bang. Members of the student body who turned out in numbers to witness the occasion were treated to some of the latest choreography out of Jamaica, and drama. The laughter, and glee that beamed from the students’ faces were testimony to the fact that the students were well entertained.

Sister Jacinta Wallace, Principal of the St. Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua, told the students whether they are in the classrooms or walking the streets, they must always be an example.

She encouraged the students to model the things that they are writing about and are going to produce in a movie soon.

“The movie will make no sense, all the things you write about will have no impact if you don’t embrace them, if you don’t live them,” said Sister Wallace.

The group’s plan is to make a series of drama presentations to discourage the negative behaviours and encourage the good in youth. The group pointed out that this will not only be a means of raising funds, but positive entertainment with which all young people can identify.

Four main areas of focus were agreed upon: Teenage pregnancy, Drugs, Abuse and Abortion. The end product will be the release of a movie, which will be shown in local schools and hopefully abroad, as part of the campaign against these issues.

Chris DaSilva, President of the Young Leaders, promised to visit the schools and show videos featuring issues on abortion to the young people.

The Young Leaders also conducted a survey and hope to use its findings in addressing some of the social ills that affect young people.