US medical specialist team on working visit
January 27, 2006

US medical specialist team on working visit

Vincentians have been experiencing the generosity of a group of good Samaritans from Richmond, Virginia, US during this week.

The six-member specialist medical team arrived in the state on January 20 and has since been volunteering their services free of charge as is their practice when in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.{{more}}

Eighteen years ago, Dr.Kent Rollins, a Urologist and Dr. Nadia Blanchet, a Plastic Surgeon ventured to St.Vincent and the Grenadines and from that point the couple has been returning on a yearly basis, voluntarily giving their services to men, women, boys and girls who are in dire need of specialty services.

Their work has inspired another couple, Dr. Donna Browne, an Ophthalmologist and Dr. Robert Browne, a Urologist, who have also been contributing their services to Vincentians for the past six years. The other members of this year’s specialist team are Dr. Tom Bohanon, an Anesthetist and Dr. George Sandborn, an Ophthalmologist.

Persons suffering from burn contraction, cosmetic formologies, and those in need of skin graphs were treated as well as patients with kidney, bladder and prostate problems.

With regard to eye problems, a number of patients with pterygiums, cleft paletes and strabismus (eye muscle problems) had their problems treated. Patients from as far as Union Island have been taking advantage of the free services.

Dr. Donna Browne is encouraging people with pterygium

to get the problems rectified to avoid blurred vision in the future. She mentioned it is important for persons with diabetes to see an ophthalmologist every year because there is a probability that diabetics can go blind from the retina problems the desease causes.

The ophthalmologist noted that some people are not aware that they can come in and get their problem treated.

“We love coming here. I really feel I’m truly practicing for the motivation of helping people,” said Dr.Donna Browne.

She expressed thanks to the hospital for facilitating the team.

The group leaves on Tuesday, January 31.

“I want to say thanks to the medical staff for facilitating our work.”

The group promises to be back next year.