January 13, 2006
Forbes wins big Lottery jackpot

The lone winner of last week Tuesday’s $461,000 National Lottery Jackpot claimed her huge winnings last Tuesday at the lottery’s office in Kingstown.

Thirty-three-year-old Beverly Forbes of Chateaubelair collected her prize cheque from McGregor Sealey, Manager of the National Lottery. {{more}} Forbes, an employee at NAPA Sales and Services who now lives at Largo Heights said she was very calm when she saw that she had won the jackpot. “When I saw that I won I didn’t even react that much,” Forbes recounted. She noted that her true joy came the following day when she had heard that she was the sole winner. “When I heard that I was the only one that had won I screamed to the top of my lungs,” she said.

Forbes’ winning numbers were, 1,8,15,26 and 33. The lucky lady said she is an infrequent lotto player and that she only plays when the jackpot is very high. She claimed that when she plays, she only buys two tickets at a time.

She further added that the winning numbers had sentimental value, in that they were the dates of birth and ages of her family members.

Forbes said that she was joking with her co-workers by saying that last Tuesday was going to be her final day at work. She also stated that it is a very welcome New Year present and that it was a blessing from God.

As for immediate plans with her newly found wealth, Forbes plans to purchase a piece of land and build a “beautiful home” for her 6-year-old daughter and herself.

Forbes’ winning ticket was purchased at the Sion Hill Sports Club.