January 6, 2006
Young leaders donate to St. Benedict’s Day Nursery

On the 29th December, 2005, the Girls’ High School Young Leaders 2005-2006 visited the St. Benedict’s Day Nursery and Infant Hospital, located in Georgetown. The purpose of the visit was to make a monetary presentation to the institution to help to offset some of its expenses.{{more}}

The Young Leaders also spent the afternoon with the children entertaining them with songs and interacting with them.

The St. Benedict’s Day Nursery was opened on 25th July, 1963, by Father Roland Roberts of the Scarborough Fathers in Canada. It soon became an Infant Hospital as well when Father Roland realised how many children were dying each week in Georgetown because of malnutrition and other complications.

The majority of the children that stay there come from single parent families where the father or mother must work all day. some are orphans and many live on a hand to mouth existence.

Today, there are currently nine children who reside at St. Benedict’s. There are eleven staff members and head of Staff is Sister Nyra Anna Pajotte.

The St. Benedict’s Day Nursery and Infant Hospital is currently in urgent need of monetary contributions in order to rebuild the institution.

The Girls’ High School Young Leaders, throughout their project, plan to further contribute to St. Benedict’s, in the hope of helping to better the lives of the children that stay there.

This objective is in keeping with their theme, “Youth : Enlightening our community for a better tomorrow”. Their visit showed them how blessed they are, it helped them realise that life is indeed precious and not something to be taken for granted.