January 6, 2006
‘Wet’ is number 1 on Hitz FM top 100

Orande “Bomani” Charles’ hit “Wet” is number 1 on the 2005 Hitz FM top 100 Chart. This is the second consecutive year that the versatile singer has hit the top spot. His number “Time to Blaze” is at number 3, with 50 cent’s Candy Shop coming in at number 2. Bomani also has two other hits in the top 100, Grasshopper at number 58 and Booty Call at number 82.

Searchlight caught up with Bomani on Wednesday. {{more}}

• Q. How does it feel to be sitting on top of HITZ 100 2005 Chart?

• A. I am excited that my music is appreciated as much as it has been in 2005. To top the list of songs that were played most on HITZ FM is an honour and I must say thanks to the people for requesting the songs.

• Q. What do you have in store this year for the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines?

• A. A lot more great music, more energetic performances and I am planning to broaden my music by doing different styles plus I am working on current material for a new album.

• Q. Who was the person you most favored when growing up who influenced what you are doing now?

• A. Everybody from Winston SoSo, Bob Marley to David Rudder to Stevie Wonder. In general I wander in the world of RnB, Reggae, Soul & the undoubtedly Soca.

• Q. How about you and Jamesy P collaborating to go on a regional tour?

• A. That would be cool. But I would like to see eventually the best of St. Vincent doing a tour promoting Vincy music. The likes of Skinny Fabulous, Fireman Hooper are differently on the agenda.

• Q. Where do you see Soca music on the international scene?

• A. Not where I’ll like to see it. I feel it’s still not accepted in its true form: which is pulsating Caribbean rhythms and stories of West Indian lifestyles. But I am thankful that the likes of Kevin Little, Ruppee and others have opened the door so that the international music world could have a taste of what Soca music is.