December 23, 2005
Two found dead after house fire

Arson is not being ruled out as police continue investigations into a fire in the Villa-Fountain Road area that destroyed a two-bedroom concrete house in which a couple was found dead.

Last week Thursday, December 15, at approximately 5.55 a.m., the police received a call that a house was on fire in the Villa-Fountain area. {{more}}

While attempting to put out the blaze, members of the Fire Department discovered that two persons were inside the house. They were identified as 31-year-old Vonley “Crimo” Llewelyn, a father of six and 21-year-old Jennine “Lucy” Gill, a mother of two.

The couple was reportedly found lying face down in bed.

It is believed that Llewelyn suffered a blow to the head while Gill suffered several stab wounds.

“He was my best brother,” Marlon Llewelyn, Vonley’s brother sighed while stating that he feels “a sense of loss”.

“Somebody call me and said they found Vonley dead. I called his phone and didn’t get an answer.

“When I went out to the house at Fountain Vonley’s car P 7269 was parked a distance away. In the house Vonley and the girl roasted on the bed,” said Marlon.

Gill’s family declined to comment because of recent developments.

The couple was laid to rest after separate funeral services on Wednesday.