Students encouraged into science
December 16, 2005
Students encouraged into science

Science students at the Community College have been encouraged to embark on studies in the fields of Science and Technology.

And this encouragement came from three of the finest practitioners of the science of Medicine, our own Governor General, His Excellency Sir Frederick Ballantyne, retired volunteer Dr. James Henderson and Dr. Edward Johnson, Dean of the Kingstown Medical College.{{more}}

The opportunity afforded to the students last Friday morning to interact with the doctors over a six-hour period at the Kingstown Medical College was made possible through the Kenton Richards Memorial Programme. Vincentian born Richards was a student who excelled at the college, but died before receiving his medical degree. The title was later conferred on him posthumously.

Sir Frederick, in a motivational speech to the students, told them that the sky is the limit and anything can be achieved once they put their minds to it. The students were implored to explore different areas in the field of science. The Governor General also called on the students to bridge the gap between science and technology.

Dr. Johnson, on the other hand, expressed his pleasure to be associated with people who could impart their knowledge to students while Dr. Henderson delved into the topic of entropy, a quantity expressing how much of a system’s thermal energy is unavailable for conversion into mechanical work.