Banking on radio
December 9, 2005
Banking on radio

In the event a disaster strikes here, and communications are disrupted, Scotiabank is ensuring that persons will be able to maintain contact with others.

Last week Tuesday morning, Scotiabank’s Country Manager Bruce Sali (right in picture above) handed over to members of the Rainbow Radio League, a Mobile High Frequency Transceiver, an Active Tuning Mobile Antenna, and an Automatic Tuner. Albert Browne (centre), President and Donald DeRiggs, Director, both of the RRL, received the package. {{more}}

The equipment is worth US$1,400 and will serve as a back up communication system for the nation.

Director DeRiggs pointed out: “This development will allow the mobile station to keep in close contact with the Emergency Operations Centre and its own headquarters while reporting on damage by natural disasters, or reporting on vehicular or other accidents.”

Scotiabank’s Country manager Sali endorsed his institution’s commitment “to support projects in the community which can help save lives, reduce loss of property, as well as provide a reliable avenue for emergency communications.”