Once he was blind, now he can see!
November 18, 2005
Once he was blind, now he can see!

His name is Marcus Montgomery Cupid. Most people know him as ‘Ezra,’ or simply ‘Diego.’

He is a mechanic, age 38, from the South Leeward village of Clare Valley.

He could be considered as having received a second lease on sight. {{more}}

Just over three months ago, Diego was going about his life with some degree of difficulty. He was practically blind for a period of about 18 months.

Cupid disclosed: “Me never hah no problems more than one morning me rise up, come out to go a wedding. I tell the man go, turn and come back. When I go and pick up my shirt, my eyes just run water. Like a cloud come over me (my) eye(s).”

That was the beginning of a dark period. His efforts at remedying the situation seemed to be having no results.

His exposure to flares had damaged his eyes.

Cupid was agonising about his plight and had to dig into his reserves of strength to maintain an existence.

“Them thing dey, you have to hold the faith. If I didn’t hold the faith I woulda done gone through,” Cupid outlined.

He remained optimistic however, with a belief that his sight would be restored.

He was part of the first batch of patients to travel to Cuba on the Vision Now Programme. Then, he had to be guided by fellow patients, because his situation was extreme.

Cupid spent three months in Cuba and his story has been documented as one of the “miracles” of the ‘Vision Now’ episode.

It took three operations, with the removal of both eyes, and the left eye twice, before he was able to see again.

Cupid is grateful to the Cuban doctors and authorities for their contribution to the restoration of his sight.

His recovery was the source of great joy for fellow patients in Cuba, and the response was also a fountain of joy, pride and satisfaction to the Cuban doctors.

Cupid moved from being an almost helpless individual to a life of independence, and enjoying the gifts

of life.

“When me start to move about, that was great. Everybody feel good,” he said.

Cupid was the subject of some media attention in Cuba, and the story of his recovery was received with delight in his home village.

“The evening when me come, the place like carnival. People come from all out the road just to see me,” Cupid recalled.

He was overwhelmed by his Cuban experience. The excitement of the mission might have worn off, but Cuba has left an impression on Cupid, especially when he awoke to the sight of a land he perhaps never would have seen in normal circumstances.

“The way I used to hear about Cuba, I think was a war place,” Cupid confessed.

Those perceptions were framed on the projections of Fidel Castro in military uniforms.

“When yo check the vibes, yo realise yo’ can’t bother with people. You have to experience things for yourself,” he declared.

Cupid is grateful to the Cuban medical personnel for the special treatment given to him.

At home however, Cupid has to overcome some financial problems, which came about as a result of his lost vision. Relatives and friends supported him to ensure that his needs were met.

The vision in his right eye is still blurry, but he has been assured that that is a natural part of the healing process. He is hopeful that the recovery process continues and he will resume normal activities. He will not be paying much attention to welding, but he is keen to use his skills as a mechanic to ensure his and his mother’s continued security.