November 11, 2005
PM: Don’t gamble with nation’s future

As ever, the political season has been characterised by waiting and watching, cursing and laughing.

Like anywhere else the world over, these are the elements that present themselves just before elections in St. Vincent.

But after months of palaver and posturing, Vincentians of all persuasions – idealistic and cynical, enthusiastic and cantankerous – will get their chance to wield political power at the polls on December 7. {{more}}

Voters in St.Vincent and the Grenadines are on a high regardless of their political affiliation as they await the December poll.

In an atmosphere charged with political

tension, Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves announced on Sunday night at the Sion Hill Playing Field that Vincentians will vote on December 7, 2005.

As a result electors have been scampering to get registered in the different constituencies to meet the final 15-day period for registration before the November 22 cut-off point.

Dr. Gonsalves in his address warned thousands of his Party supporters who braved the heavy rains to attend the much anticipated rally: “The Opposition NDP has already pledged to stop or roll back the Education Revolution, the Low-income Housing Programme, the International Airport at Argyle, the YES Programme, the Policy of Sustainable Economic Growth and Fiscal Consolidation, the PETRO CARIBE Agreement, the Targeted Strategic Interventions to Create Jobs and Reduce Poverty, the National Stadium, the Modern Library Project, Annual Bonuses for Central Government Employees, Duty-Free Christmas Barrels, the Cross-Country Road, the Bridge over the Rabacca Dry River, Vision Now, the National Consultations with Civil Society including NESDEC, the Financing and Support for LIAT, the Mount Wynne/Peter’s Hope – St. Hillaire Resort Hotel Development Project, the Programme of Agricultural Diversification, and the Ottley Hall Enquiry, among others.

“These are some of the projects and programmes which the opposition NDP wants to roll back or stop! So, beware!” said Dr. Gonsalves.

Dr. Gonsalves stressed to the Party faithful, “You and I cannot gamble with our nation’s future by re-instating a discredited NDP which you so overwhelmingly voted out of office on March 28, 2001.”