Tropical Shipping sings praises of Coreas Ltd.
October 28, 2005

Tropical Shipping sings praises of Coreas Ltd.

For over 20 years Coreas and Company 1988 Limited has been using Tropical Shipping to import their goods into this country. They are also Tropical’s local agent, so they teamed up with the shipping company to thank the various other customers who use Tropical Shipping to transport their goods.{{more}}

This came in the form of a cocktail and appreciation ceremony held at Sunset Shores Hotel on Friday October 14. Speaking on behalf of Coreas and Company 1988 Ltd, Manager Frankie Young described Tropical Shipping as a very reliable company that was concerned about the Caribbean.

Windward Regional Manager for Tropical Shipping, James Divas, demonstrated through a slide show some of the services offered and the inside operations of the company.

He noted that Tropical Shipping operates in 120 countries with 20 vessels and ships a large range of items from food, to trucks, to refrigerators.

He praised Coreas Ltd for being committed to this country’s development, and noted that this was one of the reasons for their strong affiliation with the company.

Divas noted, “Coreas is a company which is investing a lot in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and those are the kinds of agents we want to partner with. While we want to grow our business, we also want to serve our customers best.”

At the event Geoffrey Ward from Barbados was announced as the new Island Manager of Tropical Shipping, St. Vincent.