October 28, 2005
Entrepreneurship, profits, Independence, personal fulfillment

Business opportunities exist for all those individuals who are willing to produce goods and services that are desired by customers.

The individual who discovers these needs in the market and then starts and operates successful business is called an entrepreneur. Although there is the element of risk involved in entrepreneurship, there are also rewards that can be realised. These rewards can be grouped into three main categories: profit, independence and personal fulfillment.{{more}}

By starting a business entrepreneurs expect to earn money that will compensate them for their investment of personal time and savings. Money earned should also reward them for the risks they took in starting their own businesses. In other words a business should make profits and provide for the financial needs of the entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship also allows entrepreneurs to operate independently and become their own boss. It gives individuals the satisfaction of making their own decisions and setting their own work schedules. This provides freedom from supervision and the rules of others particularly for those who find it difficult to work within situations that they consider confining or undesirable.

However, while entrepreneurs are able to determine what to do and when, they must be aware of the fact that in order to meet the market needs they may have to work harder than if they were employed by someone else.

The rules of the market environment must also be observed for one to stay in business. Hence, entrepreneurs must realise that independence does not mean operating at one’s whims and fancies but rather it provides the opportunity to enjoy greater flexibility.

The accomplishment of owning a business can often bring individuals a sense of dignity and the freedom to achieve a satisfying life style. For some persons the personal fulfillment that comes with this achievement is sometimes more rewarding that the financial independence that it affords as it provides them with the opportunity to escape from routine and sometimes unchallenging work. Personal satisfaction and fulfillment can also come from being able to put one’s creativity to work.

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